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Bird Organizations

Bird Organizations

Following are organizations that work with birds - either rescue, welfare or other beneficial bird-related services and activities.  If you would like to be listed here, please use our Contact Us link. 

Avian Welfare Coalition - Formed in late 2000, AWC was created to raise the public’s awareness of the treatment of captive birds. They also work to ensure the survival of wild birds and their natural habitats. 

Bird Adoption, Rescue and Education - A great collect of websites for the everyday bird owner.

Bird Hotline - Lost or Found a Bird? Bird Hotline is a great place to start trying to find your bird or to help reunite a lost bird with their family!

Bird Placement Program Parrot Refuge - Helps you find the right site for you and your bird! 

Coventry Companion Bird Survival Center - Takes unwanted or uncared for birds and gives them a permanent home in a loving, nurturing environment.

Center for Avian Rehabilitation & Education - Gives Homes to exotic birds that can not live in typical home environments and finds permeate homes for those rescue birds they can.

Cockatiel Foundation, Inc. - A Non-Profit organization that is focused on the advancement of cockatiels. CF is inclusive of all aspects of cockatiel culture, from the hobbyist breeder and first time cockatiel owner to the professional aviculturist and advanced exhibitor.

Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary - Provides Permanent Homes for Wild caught, Cockatoos, Macaws and Grays, where they can live out their lives in a park like setting among there own kinds. 

Feathered Friends Forever - Provides a temporary/permanent home for birds in a safe environment; while educating people on avian wellness and welfare.

For the Love of Parrots Refuge Society - Provides a permanent home for abused, neglected or unwanted birds; as well as a home for loved birds that have lost their owners. Their goal is to rehabilitate these birds; so they will learn to play and have fun with enough space to really feel a sense of freedom.

Foster Parrots - A Rescue and Sanctuary for unwanted, abused, or neglected birds. They have also set up an organization in South America that has helped protect parrots and other wildlife since 2004.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary - They take in and rehabilitate birds and find them suitable, loving homes. They also run fun activities to educate the general public on the care of pet birds.

Mickaboo Companion Bird RescueThey take in birds that need a safe place to live, rehabilitate them if need be, and find them good homes. They also try to educate people how to live with companion birds and inform them of the level of care necessary to provide the birds a safe, healthy, permanent home.  

National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation - Rescues, rehabilitates, and re- homes displaced parrots. They are committed to the education of current and prospective parrot owners and parrot related organizations.

The Oasis Sanctuary - They provide a permanent sanctuary for any parrots that have no fatal, contagious diseases and can not be in a normal home environment; as well as educate the public in the proper care for birds in captivity and their place in the wild.

Parrots First - They are an adoption agencies for parrots. They find suitable homes for homeless birds. 

Petango - Find the Perfect Pet for you. A place to find the perfect pet to fit your lifestyle.

Phoenix Landing- It was established to promote and protect the welfare of parrots, especially those with an extensive lifespan. They also see it as your responsibility to provide care and help for parrots -- both in domesticity and in the wild.

Raven's Haven Exotic Bird Rescue - They provide a ton of information for new and old bird owners as well as provide a home for birds that need to find new homes and provide a permanent home for those birds that are not adoptable.

Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc - A great adoption center that provides a temporary home for birds that are unwanted or just need to find a new home.

Wilson Parrot Foundation - The Wilson Parrot Foundation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing neglected and abused Parrots. Their mission is to teach the public about having parrots as pets and how to provide for them with caring and compassion.


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