About Us

Wings At Play is an online bird toy superstore! We have been selling bird toys on the Internet for 13 years and our owner has been keeping birds for over 25 years.

We ship every weekday so you can get your orders fast. If we have a problem with a product we will let you know so you can make the decision on the shipping time.

We pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of  high quality, SAFE bird toys and products. All of our products are at least 10 – 20% off of suggested retail. We work very hard at keeping our stock up to date and introducing new stock on a regular basis, as you know our birds get bored easily. We work at least 6 days a week and sometimes 7 days.

A lot of our products are hand made in the USA and others are imported. We buy from a distributor who has been in business for over 18 years and specializes in bird toys and cage accessories. We have our own toys we produce and are sold only through us.

Please feel free to search our site and email us for suggestions of toys and products for your bird!

We would like to remind you that because we are passionate about your bird’s safety, we cannot take returns.

We participate in the Avian Community Health Awareness Program, which means that we have committed to hold to strict guidelines about providing safe, disease-free products.

Please see our Return Policy in the menu to the right. Thank you for your understanding!